Instruction is via PGA Pro Tomi Tolsa.
Tomi offers genuine  individual golf coaching and instruction at Levi.

If you want to start playing golf or improve your skill level, don’t hesitate to call!

From these pages you will find the schedule of classes, prices, contact info and other relevant information.

More information and reservations
PGA pro Tomi Tolsa
tel. +358405442646

Green Card courses 2024:

Sponsored player green card course June 3 -4

This course is free for everyone providing the teacher works as an assistant teacher on the course and helps you start your career.

Completion of the course gains you a green card but not Levi Golf membership.

Green Card courses 2024:

Mon/Tue 10.-11.6 at 6-9 p.m

Sat/Sun 15.-16.6 at 3-6p.m

Mon/Tue 17.-18.6 at 6-9 p.m

More courses will be added at a later time.

Green card courses take place if at least 3 people participate.

Maximum number of participants will be 12.

Prices 2024:

160€ (under 22 years of age 80€, under 16 years of age 60€)

Fee includes: Course, rulebook, Levi Golf Ry joining fee and first years membership fee.