Open Texas scramble-competition on Saturday (Midsummer Day) 24.6.2023
• 3 players per team
• Handicapped, team handicap is 15% of combined slope
• Best scratch wins
• Texas Scramble rules

First start at 15:00

All of the team players make an opening tee shot. Every player makes an opening tee shot at every hole. The best (agreed) shot determines the location of the ball in play, where the other two players then drop (placed on the green) their ball and take a second shot. After the next shot the best ball is again chosen, and the player that made that shot rests from their turn and the other two continue.

• Each player’s tee shot must be chosen as the ball in play at least 3 times.
• Each player opens from the normal tee shot position.
• Not Handicap Qualifier.
• Register to Caddiemasters by Friday 23.6.

Competition fee 45 € per team + green fees